Brain Training For Weight Loss Motivation

Why Train Your Brain for Weight Loss Motivation?

Have you ever wondered why it’s so hard to stick with an eating or exercise program long enough to reach your goals? We all know we need to take action if we’re going to change. The question is, how do we keep up weight loss motivation? How do we make ourselves do what we need to do everyday, consistently?

If you’ve thought about long term weight loss success, you’ve probably come up with the idea that you need willpower or self discipline. And, that’s what I used to think as well! At my biggest I was a size 24 and about the same age. I had tried everything to lose weight! Some how my motivation would start out high, and within a couple of weeks it had disappeared. This cycle continued for a very long time. With each attempt, and subsequent failure, I felt more hopeless. More out of control, and more confused! I couldn’t understand why it was so hard to stick to a weight loss plan. Perhaps you can relate?

Lasting Weight Loss Motivation Comes From Within

After going around in circles trying to find self discipline, and a diet I could stick too. I had a moment of inner wisdom. I was 28 years old when I finally came to the conclusion I needed to focus on my mind, rather than the diets. This small shift in perception changed Everything! On November 3rd 2003, I finally stopped dieting and started losing weight. I was a size 24 and over 100kg’s (220 pounds). By September 2004, I was a size 12 (Australian sizes) and I’ve been able to control my weight through brain training ever since. You can read my story about how I transformed my life through weight loss here if you’re interested.

You see, even if I do gain a few pounds (which sometimes happens if I take a vacation), the weight always comes back off easily because of the practice I’ve put in using mind power. The struggle I once had with willpower and self discipline, doesn’t exist anymore. Using mind power instead of willpower works so well for long term weight management.

Why Use Brain Training for Weight Loss Motivation?

It’s our brain controlling every action we take. Think about it for a moment. Before we speak a word, we must think it. Before we move a muscle, to take any action at all, our brain must send a chemical signal to make that movement happen. Before we reach for food, we must have a thought that we want it.

If you can accept the simple fact that your brain is controlling everything you do, your half way there. Here’s an interesting fact that you need to understand before you can train your mind. Most of our thoughts happen on autopilot, they are subconscious. I believe this is what’s standing in the way of successful, long term weight loss for many people. This is why we continue to sabotage ourselves over and over.

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