Top 10 Herbal Teas To Drink During Pregnancy

Drinking tea is a ritual that most women carry on even while they are pregnant. Tea is good for an individual for it contains polyphenols to protect the heart, nutrients that boost the immune system and antioxidants that help to lower your risk of cancer.

In the recent years, herbal tea has become quite popular. Herbal tea is an infusion of leaves, seeds, roots, or bark, in hot water. It does not contain any tea leaves. In drinking a well-steeped herbal tea, we get all the plant’s benefits in an easily digestible form. The infusion of various herbs provides medicinal benefit to the tea drinker.Herbal teas are delicious and there are a thousand combinations to choose from. However, not all herbal tea can be consumed during pregnancy. Not all natural ingredients mean that they are safe.

  • Many of the herbs can be harmful to pregnancy. Some herbal tea can be consumed in moderation as they have a concentrated infusion of the herbs as compared to cooked food.
  • FDA does not have much data on the various herbs so there are many of the herbal teas are unapproved by the FDA as they do not know the effect of the herb on the developing fetus.

    Benefits Of Drinking Herbal Tea During Pregnancy:

    Fortunately, there are herbal teas specifically recommended as pregnancy-friendly teas. These teas are good to be consumed during pregnancy and will not cause any complications.

    1. They hydrate the body when drinking plain water is not preferred.
    2. Herbal tea provides various nutrients needed by the body while pregnant.
    3. Unlike coffee, herbal tea does not have caffeine.
    4. They help in lowering anxiety and stress levels.
    5. They alleviate morning sickness levels.
    6. They help to prepare the uterus for labour.
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